Affiliate Program

Do you want to make money while helping us grow? :)

Apply for our affiliate program! anyone can apply and it's very easy:

  1. Click here and sign up.
  2. DM/email us ( with the choice of your custom 15% discount code (you can offer this to your followers), for example: YELLOWROSE15
  3. Done! 

So how will you get paid?

You will get a personal affiliate link to our website and earn $5 when someone buys within 24 hours of clicking your link. So if 10 people buy using your link, you just made $50!

We use a platform called LeadDyno for the affiliate program. You can track your link clicks, orders and code uses there in real time!

We will pay you with PayPal (if you don't have an account, sign up here)

You'll get paid approximately every 30 days (to be safe of fake purchases).